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Banging My Head Against the Bravo Wall

I think in all of my bad tv watching there is nothing that I will make me start banging my head against the wall than these “wealthy” people who seem to have no grasp in reality.  Bravo seems to excel in casting these “characters”.

I will say that probably no one annoys me than Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger. In her season before last, Rodger kept reminding Rachel they there was a recession. And Rachel would nod, and come home with a rack of clothes. Literally a rack of clothes from a vintage store. There was one episode where a magazine was going to come over and do a photo spread of Rachel at their house. So, as we all would, Rachel ordered brand new furniture. White furniture. That looked exactly like the white furniture she already had.  And at the end of the episode she admitted that the old furniture was fairly new and rarely used.

I don’t get it.

Another big offender if Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Until she auto-tuned into a “hit” single, she only source of income seemed to be from her married boyfriend. In fact I think we were first introduced to Kim when she was at car dealership and called “big papa” to see if her would buy her an Escalade. Let me say right here, to any future Sugar daddies that might be coming my way- Don’t worry. I don’t want an Escalade. Can I have a little red Kia Soul though? Thanks Future SD.

So guess what I am watching now. Kim Zolciak. She was hired to perform at some huge gay happening. So her assistant or manager or someone who apparently is named Sweetie, made the arrangements. And as we all would, she booked her a Lamborghini AND a stretch limousine. So Kim and Sweetie are tooling around in the Lambo being followed by the stretch limo filled with their suitcases.

Who are these people?

(update: Zap2it has the unedited version of  Kim’s performance- you can tell she is obviously singing over her recorded voice: )

The Atlanta version of Real Housewives is the only one of that series I watch. And really if it wasn’t for NeNe I don’t think I could keep watching. She might have some “wealthy-wannabe”  issues of her own, but I really think she is about the only one on the show that is “real”.  I don’t think Sheree would be hosing down her dogs butt.  No, Sheree would hire someone to do it and the go all nut case on them when they looked at her wrong.   This might be one of my all time favorite scenes:

And who is this new chick? Phaedra? You know everything NeNe says about her is spot on.  Tonight Phaedra informed us and her husband that she plans to beat her child and we also learned that white people eat out of cans.  Repeat after me: Nut Case!

Oh Bravo.  How can this Bravo be the same network that first brought us Project Runway and still brings us Top Chef.  This channel certainly has a split personality. Andy Cohen, what have you done!

So tell me, who makes you bang your head against the Bravo Wall?


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  1. NeNe is my favorite, too. She might be a fruit loop but she is a real one. When she talks to her son, it is real. She says the same things to him that I would. What I don’t understand is the difference in Sheree’s personalities. One minute she is quiet and demure in her speech when she is doing her acting class and she is that way most times when she talks to the camera but then when she was talking to her daughter, she became a whole different person. But I’ll give it to her, she’s beautiful to have a 24 year old daughter.

    And I can tell Little Miss Phaedra that my white grandmother NEVER served anything out of a can. She went out to her garden, picked her vegetables, brought them into her spotless kitchen and cooked them up every day. Now, her white granddaughter does break out the cans all the time but black families don’t have the corner on home cooked meals, Counselor.

    But the one “character” on Bravo that has always made me cringe and scream at the TV is Danielle “Psycho” Staub from the RH of NJ. Phaedra can’t hold a candle to Ms. Staub’s insanity.

    Comment by AprilG | October 21, 2010 | Reply

    • I think Danielle might be the reason why I quit watching NJ after one or two episodes. She is a nutter. Also I was always confused by the relationships
      of all those people. We’re they all related except Danielle? I could never get them
      all straight.

      Comment by Susan | October 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. No, Teresa isn’t related to any of them either. Caroline and Dina are sisters. Jacqueline married their brother, Chris. Teresa is nutty, too, but she’s an entertaining kinda nutty.

    Comment by AprilG | October 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Ah.. I couldn’t figure out how, if at all that Caroline and Dina were related and then Jacqueline threw me for a loop, too. does she have a grown daughter and a baby?

      Comment by Susan | October 21, 2010 | Reply

  3. Yes, she has Bad Attitude Ashley and think little Bugsy. I can’t remember his name. Ashley is late teens – early twenties. Now, talk about some Botox and Jacqui knows something about that, too.

    Comment by AprilG | October 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Ah, the botox might be why it surprised me that she had an older kid.

      Comment by Susan | October 21, 2010 | Reply

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