I'm Watching Bad TV so You Don't Have To!

Watching Bad TV

I am a TV addict. I am not embarrassed to admit it. A lot of my online social life is built around watching TV.  In November of 2004 I started a yahoo group for the show Lost.  At one point the Lost group had over 2000 members, and a few of us have become good friends.  From that we started other yahoo groups (Grey’s Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, and a general TV group).

I am a strong proponent of TV. Many people dismiss it as fluff, however, there is a lot of very good stuff out there. TV is a writers medium, and so we are lucky to get some really well written shows. For every example of shows like The Sopranos, there are also the shows that don’t get the same amount of press. Justified. The Closer. Bones.  Hey, I just named three of my favorite shows! Imagine that. And there is a lot more of the good out there….


And there is the Bad.

Bad TV is everywhere. It’s on Lifetime. It’s on Bravo. It’s on every network out there. And let’s be honest here, what I might call “Bad TV” might be your favorite show.  Here are some examples of the type of shows I might talk about: The Rachel Zoe Project (Don’t even get me started about that one!), Flipping Out, Real Housewives of wherever.  These are things people might refer to as guilty pleasures. These are the kind of shows that make me bang my head against the wall. And yet, I can’t turn away.  I am powerless over my remote. It has all the power.. and it refused to let me change channel.

And before you jump to the conclusion that I am watching this because “There is nothing else on”. Wrong. I have a multi-room DVR that can record 4 shows at a time.  Right now there are 124 shows on my DVR and I could watch any of them. ANY of them! However often that seems not to be the case. Like Friday night when my TV refused to turn off Lifetime and it’s REBA marathon. REBA?????

God that was hard to admit.

I have never seen the show but I knew Christopher Rich was in it, so I guess that is why I didn’t turn if off to begin with.  And it isn’t like Christopher Rich is some favorite actor of mine. Nope. I just hadn’t seen him since Murphy Brown, so I was curious.  And the show went on and on and on. Would it be rude of me to say that Reba looks about 10 years to old for Christopher Rich? I didn’t believe them as exes at all. Oh well. That certainly wasn’t the only thing wrong with that show.

Weekends tend to be the time when I do most of this type of TV watching. Any bad TV I watch during the week is intentional. On weekends.. that’s when the really bad stuff happens. Most of the time I am on my laptop and whatever is on TV (like ol’ REBA) is background.  Like tonight, as I have been writing this, I have had Law and Order SVU on thanks to a USA Marathon. It always makes me feel bad for John Munch when I watch this. He would have stayed in Baltimore.  But that’s TV.


So that’s it. For a start, I guess. My life, watching TV, and writing about it. Here.

And please feel free to comment on any bad tv you watch. Help me know what to stay away from!






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