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Strange Sex… Thanks TLC

My DVR is at 60%. I really need to clean stuff off of it..

However, TLC had other plans.

First there was a woman who had a “physical” orgasm when she gave birth to her first child. She was pregnant again and couldn’t wait to have that birthing orgasm again. That was a little more than I wanted to know. Then they showed a little too much of the birth for my taste. Well any of the birth.. just talking about the birth, is more for my taste, but this was way way way too much. Sadly she didn’t have an orgasm this time.  Just a baby boy.. not nearly as exciting, I guess.

Next: coital incontinence.  Needing to pee when you have sex. Again more than I want to know! After 2 yrs of going through pain to hold it during sex, she ended up having surgery. It is a problem caused by multiple births.. so watch out gals!

Now the episode is a woman who is.. I don’t know.. in her 70s and she was married for 25 yrs. Now she is making up for it! Since her divorce she has had over 100 different lovers. She has list of them. Her son is worried about her wasting her time, instead of finding someone more appropriate. She’s on the internet… looking for lovin’, She likes them about 50 yrs younger. She’s going for the 25 yr olds, who, according to the “expert” they just got a quote from, are tired of the women who are obsessed with their biological clocks.

I think after the commercial break we are going on date with her! EEk!

Well with that commercial break I went to cook my dinner and when I sat down to eat, I just didn’t have the stomach or the will to keep on watching. So I stopped.  However, I did set the DVR to record the new two episodes. So… there maybe more of this show to talk about! Eek!!!!


November 6, 2010 - Posted by | Bad TV, Strange Sex, TLC

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