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Atlanta Night!

It’s Atlanta Night! It’s seems like things are really starting to cook on that show now. I can’t wait for Khandi to go off on Kim. I hope I hope it happens tonight.  I was just reading a preview from and it sounds pretty damn good.

Click here to read it

So does Kim have a new boyfriend? Seriously? I just googled and according to Radar on line, he is about to “pop the question”. Unless that question is “What the hell am I thinking?” I don’t get it.

You can read that article here.

Anyway, there’s a little preview for you. Hopefully I will be able to blog about it tonight while I watch. I didn’t get around to watching last weeks until yesterday and when I was watching a little black cat settled down on my lap in front of the laptop, making it a little hard to type! In  fact she did it again while I started to type this. I think that means “I am hungry. Stop what you are doing!”

Oh well… I am ready for NeNe and company, what about you?


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