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Losing Atlanta

Bad news fans: I wrote out a whole post on RH of Atlanta and then boom.. my computer (or my fingers) deleted it all.

Undo and Redo refused to help.

Maybe later this weekend I will rewatch the show and write another posts. Arg!!


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Brothers and Sisters


Remember when Brothers and Sisters used to be a good show? I barely remember, but I think it is back there somewhere.  They shipped off Tommy, they shipped off Rebecca, luckily they seem to have forgotten about that other kid. Can they ship off Kitty soon? And Saul? And yes, I think Sarah needs to go away for a while too.


And why does Nora always need to find herself? Didn’t she open some center for cancer families? What the hell happened to that? Wasn’t that how she found herself? I am sure she probably lost and found herself a couple times before and since then.


Why does Kevin have facial hair?  Well okay I don’t really care about that, but I didn’t want my Matthew Rhys bias to show through. He is the reason I started watching this show and he is the reason I have stuck with it. Maybe Kevin, Scotty and their foster kids should have their own show.


What do we do when good shows go bad? Do we just turn them off? Sometimes you can and sometimes you get attached to one character that it is hard to do that… no matter how bad the show becomes.  What show do you still watch, even though it has seemingly fallen apart at the seams?


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